Encouraging Gratitude and Creativity



Coral & Blue Paper Co. is a children's stationery company located in Saratoga Springs, New York, founded by mother of two, Ashley Campbell. With a mission to encourage gratitude, thoughtfulness and creativity, Coral & Blue strives to help children of today create meaningful connections and learn proper etiquette through note-writing. Ashley received a US Design Patent for her cards in April of 2017.

Every card features classic, coral and blue elementary lines and plenty of space for artwork or photos. Their paper is locally made and printed to support the local community and environment. All products are BPA-Free and recyclable. You can find Coral & Blue stationery in many stationery stores throughout the country. 


A hand-written note from a child is truly special.  It expresses gratitude, thoughtfulness, compassion and empathy, and writing one strengthens reading and writing skills.  Studies show that grateful children are happier and more satisfied with their lives, so note writing is beneficial for both the child and recipient.

My mother made me write my notes, and it's important to me that my kids do the same.  I know that getting kids to put their thanks in writing isn't always easy, especially when multiple thank-you notes are needed.  That's why I created Coral & Blue Paper Co, named after the colors of classic elementary lines.  After years of crafting homemade cards for my children, I learned exactly what they need to make note-writing fun and simple. Creating and patenting a product that helps both kids and parents has truly been a blessing.

Between busy schedules and our digital era, instilling etiquette and character has become increasingly difficult.  I hope that these cards help you and your children as much as they've helped me and mine.


Ashley Campbell



Thank You Dr. King: A Day of Gratitude at the Children’s Museum of Saratoga