Coral & Blue Paper Co. is a children's stationery company located in Saratoga Springs, New York, founded by mother of two, Ashley Campbell. With a mission to encourage gratitude, thoughtfulness and creativity, Coral & Blue strives to help children create meaningful connections and learn proper etiquette, through note-writing. Ashley received a US Design Patent for kid-friendly cards in April of 2017.



At Coral & Blue, I create stationery for kids that's not only beautiful but meets the needs of elementary-aged children.  I'm a mom of two, who thinks it's important that we still write Thank You notes, however, I know that getting kids to write can be challenging. I designed this line to keep it fun and simple. For years, I cut and glued together lined paper, with my children’s artwork, to create notes that accommodated their needs.  One day it hit me - a kid-friendly line was necessary!  Kids need lines to keep things neat, they need space because they often have larger handwriting, and they need an area to get creative.  And let's be honest...Grandma's fridge needs a picture!  

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 10 years, so creating a product and starting a business has been an undertaking.  But it’s all been worth it.   Every card is made from high-quality paper, is BPA-free and recyclable. In April 2017, I received a US Patent for my design and started Coral & Blue Paper Co.  This stationery was created with kids (and moms!) in mind. 

Between busy schedules and our digital era, instilling etiquette and character has become increasingly difficult.   I hope these cards help you and your kids, the way they’ve helped me and mine.


Ashley Campbell


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