Encouraging Gratitude and Creativity


At Coral & Blue we create classic, elementary-lined and spacious stationery for kids.  As a mom, I know that getting kids to write isn't always easy.  These cards keep it fun and simple.

Between busy schedules and our digital era, instilling etiquette and character has become increasingly difficult.  This stationery was designed with children (and parents!) in mind.

Ashley Campbell,  Founder

Elementary-lined ~ spacious ~ classic

Helping Kids Write with:

~  ELEMENTARY-LINES  to keep sentences straight

~  A WIDE WRITING AREA to accommodate kids' larger handwriting (5.5" x 8.5")

~  A CREATIVE SPACE perfect for a drawing, photograph or a parent's personal note


Encouraging gratitude, thoughtfulness and creativity


Studies show that grateful children are happier and more satisfied with their lives. Note writing teaches kids to express gratitude, thoughtfulness, empathy and compassion, all while strengthening reading and writing skills. Sitting down to write is an important and powerful act.